Mobile Network Solutions (MNO & MVNO)

A complete Macro network solution with Module Enablers to Operate as standalone mobile network or interconnect with multiple operators to operate as a virtual network operator.

Maritime & Ferry Solutions

Further offering of Green Powered Mobile Solution on Waves thus enabling mobile operators more reach advantage at sea. Bringing cellular operator coverage beyond and over the last mile.

Rural & Remote Community Solutions (2G/3G/LTE)

GREEN powered Solution that enables mobile network operators to bring mobile connectivity to remote and rural communities.We use distinct RCS features which includes optimized satellite bandwidth (Local switched calls & Voice/ Data Optimization), low power consumption at remote site RPU, transportability and plug/ play installation.

Tactical & Emergency Solutions

An Industry grade (3GPP compliant) compact Network-in-a-Box (2G/3G/LTE). Rapid deployable communications solution to support first responders and to meet critical needs during Disaster & Emergency situations.